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Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 5:54 pm

A green-colored thick liquid that is used to power many technologies in the world. Notoriously known to have the exact same look as Envras/Envran.

DrossHolme Steel
Created by smelting Tartarun Iron at the Sun-Forge and then sent to DrossHolme to refine into what is known as one of the strongest metals in the world.

Tartarun Iron
An ore that is found in the Mines of Aladir in the Underworld. Used to create many materials, including DrossHolme Steel.

An ore found at the Monolith. Known to be the strongest material ever found on the world. Extremely hard to mine due to its almost invulnerable-like properties.

A blight created by the Vradyl to infect and consume anything living in entire areas. Notoriously known to resemble Betronium.

An ore found at the Mines of Aladir in the Underworld. Known for its lightweightedness and bright blue colors.

The world's most common resource. Used for the construction and creation of various materials.

A resource that the Grimnl require in order to keep going. Souls can be found in graveyards, on deserted battlefields, or from a freshly killed Vradyl or Human.

A material made from a combination of Steel and Vonke. Used for the creation of various armors and weapons.

A material found to be used by the Grimnl for all of their weapons and armor. Appears to be a lightweight, yet extremely tough to break.

One of Man's (and the Vradyl's) most valuable resources. Required to satiate hunger.

A lightweight, sturdy material found to be used by the Vradyl for all of their weapons and armor.

A very thick liquid that is used in the creation of Titanium.

Man's (and Nature's) most valuable resource. Required for hydration.

A very thick liquid used by the Vradyl in the construction of their technologies and materials.

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