Tarosa: The largest human-owned land

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Tarosa: The largest human-owned land   Empty Tarosa: The largest human-owned land

Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:12 pm

The largest landmass populated by humans, contains the most human cities, and contains the largest city in the world (Mostilov).

Mostilov Megalopolis
The most populated city in the world at 15 billion and counting, Mostilov is a sight to behold. Containing skyscrapers that reach a hundred or more floors each and an underground system that spans through the entirety of Tarosa, Mostilov is also the trade center of the world, with merchants from all around visiting to sell or buy.

The third most populated city, behind DrossHolm and Mostilov. Contains the most supporters of Dean Elroy out of every other city at a large rate of 88% out of 11 billion residents. Also contains the most poverty, at a whopping 92%. Nero Alaricus sees opportunity to sway supporters of Dean and to fix the city to create more economy.

Religious capital of the humans, with a population of 700 million fanatics of the Xaraty religion (Belief in the Xaraty; a race of gods who came down to the world and created humanity and gave them the privilege of ruling the world). Also houses Martinus Cravis.

Birthplace of the Elroys. Houses over 200 million residents. Dubbed "The City of Wealth" for containing the rich elite of humanity.

Port Inasha
Port city just south-west of Tarosa. Houses over 215 million residents.

Port Shavlin
Port city just south-east of Tarosa. Houses over 200 million residents.

Dubbed "The City of Righteous" for housing over 700 million police (Houses only 100 million civilians). Home of Markus Staud, Supreme Director of all police forces.

A city of lies and deceit, giving it the nickname "The City of Thieves." Home to 200 million residents, with over 90% of them being criminals (80% being thieves). Also home to the biggest human crime syndicate; The Onesimus Sodality, which has a membership of over 50 million.

Home to over 260 million government personnel, and 100 million Imperial Military.

Un-officially a city due to housing over 300 million military personnel. Over 97% of the military personnel support Nero Alaricus, while 99% of the military personnel deny that Dean Elroy has power, or is even leader.

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