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Imperial Talcha Empty Imperial Talcha

Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:14 pm

Birthplace and home of the Elroys, home to the Imperial Military, and also contains the Wall of Man to block off the Bloodlands.

The Wall of Man
The only thing besides the Country-Side that blocks the Bloodlands. An extremely large wall that spans across an entire landscape and towers over 60 stories high. Heavily guarded by the Imperial Military.

Seboran Terrace
The capital of man. Houses over 4 billion residents. Also houses over 90% of government personnel. Home of Dean Elroy.

Trade city that houses over 1 billion humans.

Second largest religious city. Houses over 100 million residents. Contains the largest church, The Flying Lotus, which has a membership of 80 million.

Great Bitra
Port-city on the west side of Imperial Talcha. Houses over 800 million humans.

Port Makine
Port-city on the east side of Imperial Talcha. Houses 600 million humans.

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