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The Bloodlands Empty The Bloodlands

Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:16 pm

The Bloodlands is home to an estimated 30 billion Vradyl, though no one knows for sure (According to sources from the Imperial Military)
Two cities lie within the ice-region; Resilyo, and Ziflor (The Presumed Capital of the Vradyl).

No one knows for certain as to why one of the only cities of the Vradyl is a castle atop a peak. Many presume that the Vradyl live underground due to the intense cold, but others seem to doubt that theory. What everyone knows for certain is that the only ever human to venture within Resilyo, Captain John Limya, estimated that a whopping 10 billion vradyl resided within Resilyo, though no one knows how due to John Limya disappearing and only his journal to be found near the Wall of Man. Resilyo means "Eternal City" in Dalbithan Tongue (Dalbitha being the home continent of Captain John Limya).

The journal of Captain John Limya contained an entire section labelled, "Ziflor: Capital of the Vradyl." He estimated that an extremely large number of Vradyl resided within the city, around 20-30 billion. The entrance is heavily guarded, with an extremely long tunnel leading into the city (Presumed to be miles long). John Limya wrote that the Vradyl have nocturnal vision, due to there being no lights and Vradyl being able to wander around as if no light bothered them. The journal also stated that the Vradyl "Royal Family" is housed there, with an entire section of the city being their home and throne.

The ruins of a presumed very large city lays east of the Bloodlands, and just north of the Country-Side. A complex underground system lies below Storausia, though no one has ever ventured far into it. It is presumed that the underground system spans miles, though no one knows for sure.

Ancient Tombs & Crypts
A very large series of graveyards and crypts lie east of the Bloodlands, and just north of Storausia. Spanning dozens of miles, this area is presumed to be a place of the dead due to the millions of graveyards and thousands of crypts all within the area. No one knows for certain as to who it is for, or why, but the Vradyl seem to stay away from this area for a yet unknown reason.

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