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Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:17 pm

Man. The instigators. The Warmongers. The Humble. The Royal. Man has been known by many names throughout history, but one thing could never be explained; What is Man's origin? No one knows for certain; the only widely accepted thought.

Man is separated by two classes: The Aristocrat and the Warrior

The Aristocrats wear unique clothes only available to their group. While they may look neat and impressive, they are nothing compared to the Warrior class.

The Warrior class. They have no caring of what they wear, as they're almost always seen in raggedy uniforms or clothes that suit them best for the battlefield. The Warrior class often invoke a powerful presence on others, rather than a wealthy-clean presence that the Aristocrats invoke.
The population of Man is currently forty-million as of Tallum. Eighty percent of the population is part of the Warrior Class. Fifteen-percent are the of the Aristocrat class. Five percent are government and governors.
After the discovery of the black monolith in The Reaping Wasteland and the uniting of another faction of Man, Imperial Talcha become a force to reckon with. Sporting rifles to claymores to giant shields, Man has an arsenal of weaponry. Though it may not prove suitable to the war, as the Vradyl and Grimnl have proven that they are superior in every aspect in the battlefield. Man has one last chance to push forward, and only those who believe it will be a success will be the ones winning battles.

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