The World of Sirathun-Syrader

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The World of Sirathun-Syrader Empty The World of Sirathun-Syrader

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The world consists of two continents along with two very large islands (Known to man, currently).

The World of Sirathun-Syrader

The silent continent
The silent, but deadly continent of Dalbitha consists of:
Reske Peninsula to the southern most tip.
The Ghost Lands to the east. (The only other landmass touching the Leviathis Ocean)
The Reaping Wasteland covering almost half the continent to the west.
Scorstalleau to the north. Blocked by the Wall of Kiune and the mountainous region surrounding it.

Sylvanian Island of Enigma
An island just south-west of Dalbitha. Ruled by a faction of humans led by Judith Elroy Alaricus. No one knows for certain what happens in this continent due to it being tightly guarded by the Queen's Imperial Assassins.

Leviathis Ocean
The coldest yet safest waters
The ocean seperating Dalbitha from Euriphba. No other ocean has been used more than the Leviathis Ocean (Due to everyone afraid of venturing out into the vastness of the other oceans).

The Floating Trade-City
A traveling "ship-city" located in and around the Leviathis Ocean. The second most populated human city in the world, housing over 13 billion humans at any given time.

Blood, Iron, and Ice
´╗┐The most populated continent in the world. Euriphba consists of:
Tarosa at the southern tip.
Imperial Talcha just right above Tarosa and just south of the Bloodlands.
Country-Side to the east, surrounded by the Bloodlands and Imperial Talcha.
The Bloodlands covering more than half the continent to the north.

Isle of Islavad
Cease-Fire Neutrality
An island just south-east of Euriphba. No one knows for certain who controls the island or who controls Eresvia City, but one thing is for certain; Vradyl and Humans do not attack each other on the island for some mysterious reason.

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