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Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:32 pm

​A small humanoid that wanders in cities
Known for their trickery and advanced intellect (Higher than that of a Human)
Carries weapons for both protection and to show off
Estimated 100 thousand reside in human cities
Quick, fragile, and with keen eyesight help even the weakest of them to survive

​Humanoids that wander in the Country-Side
Nothing is known about them except that they help harvest crops and scare away pests and rodents
Always carries a scythe or pitchfork
Estimated 1 million reside in the Country-Side
Rumored to be led by a mysterious Mr. Sandman

​Cursed humans who have turned into werewolves
Known to be rather stupid, with few exceptions
Strength and speed make up for their intellect
Estimated 10 thousand wander human cities
Known as a disturbance, or rather, a pest to many

​Undead intelligent enough to break free from Grimnl control
Most hide in secluded or hidden areas
Hated by both the Humans and Vradyl, as any Ghall will be killed on sight by both races
Estimated 5 thousand wander the continents
Cover their faces with bandages or masks to hide their rotting flesh

​A species that appears around Sirathun-Syrader, yet no activity has been recorded of them
Only sightings of them
Investigations by Humans have been made for them, but none have proven successful yet as to finding out what and who they are
Unknown number. Only 4 have been sighted around the world
Known to carry books in their arms, and armor covered by robes

​Humanoids that blend in with humans
Wander the continents, mostly outside urban areas
Remain as a suspicious species, as they are known to kill entire areas of Vradyl or Humans
Estimated 2 million wander the continents
Wear spiked armor, have grey to pale skin, and have black eyes


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