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Deities of the world Empty Deities of the world

Post by Thionwise on Wed May 23, 2018 4:52 pm

Creator of the Vradyl. The Cursed One. Sleeps in a giant coffin in Ziflor, supposedly. Capable of leveling entire cities with its wings.

Mr. Sandman
The Unknown. The Silhouette Man. Supposedly resides in the Country-Side, controlling the Regnotz and observing and overseeing the people there.

The Blood Mistress. Supposed Inter-dimensional being. Resides in Eresvia City. Theorized to be the leader of Eresvia City and controlling the neutrality of it.

Vien Doomslayer
The First of the Death Chargers. Wielder of Horrordrok. The Godslayer. Demi-God Human who resides in Eresvia City with Elizabethia.

Lord of the Underworld. Father of Gargoyles and all those rejected from the upper world. Controls the entire city of Tartarus, which is larger than the entire continents of Dalbitha and Euriphba combined.

Lady of the Lake. Guardian of the lake from which gives immortality to any who bathe in it. Creator of Horrordrok, the Godslayer sword. Resides atop a mountain peak in the Bloodlands.

The Eternal Swarm. The World-Consumer. Current whereabouts unknown.

Athena Calisto
The Grand Dame. The peacekeeper of two races. Seems to possess qualities of both a Vradyl and Human. Currently resides in Drenos Keep.

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