Reske and Surrounding Districts

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Reske and Surrounding Districts Empty Reske and Surrounding Districts

Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:00 pm

A peninsula on the southern tip of Dalbitha. A land controlled almost entirely by Humans. It houses the most dangerous of the world; pirates, thieves, gamblers, and con artists.

Reske City-District
Pirate heaven. Home to over 75 million humans. Houses the East-Imperial's Headquarters. Ruled by Mayor Jon'De Reske, who founded the city district some 80 years ago.

Merchant's Burghal
The trade precinct of Reske City. Home to 40 million Humans. Economically the best city in all of Sirathun-Syrader.

A military harbor that houses over 40 million Imperial troops.

The ghetto sectors of Reske. Home to over 400 million humans (More than half of which are homeless).

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