The Reaping Wasteland

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The Reaping Wasteland Empty The Reaping Wasteland

Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:03 pm

An artificial deserted created entirely by the Monolith ages ago. Home to the best of merchants, yet the worst of monsters.

Kaufmanns Weg
A trade center in the middle of the desert. Homeland of 100 million merchants, 1 million Nzarijas, and some hiding Ghalls.

Majolves Desert
Nicknamed the plane of hellfire for being the hottest land in all of Sirathun-Syrader. Not many venture into these lands due to the extreme climate and the rumors of FrankenThords roaming about.

The Monolith
A legendary artifact supposedly placed in the world some several thousand years ago by a BloodStein named Gosim. No one knows its purpose, but it seemed to have advanced every race that ever touched it.

Sersen Mountains
This mountainous area blocks off the way to Scorstalleau. Home to some unknown several thousand human hunters

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