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Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:05 pm

Torn lands created by the otherworldly powers summoned upon the world by the Rhezi and Sceli. The Wall of Kiune blocks off Scorstalleau from the rest of the world.

North Bins-Jab
Supposedly the new capital of the Rhezi. Ruled by Vinklor Rhezm.

South Bins-Jab
Supposedly the new capital of the Sceli. Ruled by Scelon Nefariol.

Wall of Kiune
A legendary wall that blocks off any entrance to Scorstalleau. Supposedly built by a combined collective of Rhezi and Sceli several hundred years ago to contain the otherworldly powers that lurk within.

New Sterling
Several texts found by Maerwynn point out that this was once the capital of the lands before it was destroyed in a civil war between the Rhezi and Sceli.

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