The Isle of Islavad

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The Isle of Islavad Empty The Isle of Islavad

Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:08 pm

An island surrounded by neutrality and mystery. No one knows for certain as to why there is a cease-fire in the Isle of Islavad, but one thing for certain is that Dean Elroy is not liking this one bit and will make moves to find out why and eliminate the Vradyl on the island.

Eresvia City
The only known trade city to have both Vradyl and Humans in it. Home to an astonishing 50 billion Vradyl and 10 billion humans. A cease-fire between the two races is somehow stopping both races from fighting, though no one knows for certain as to what or why is stopping them from attacking each other. Vradyl and Humans trade alike, buying and selling goods from their cultures, with some even returning to their homelands after buying or selling.

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