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Post by Thionwise on Sun May 13, 2018 6:24 pm

A race to be feared. Jailed within the Bloodlands, these beings have awaited ages to be let loose upon the world, and the time has come for them now.

Autopsies and studies from Man have showed that the Vradyl have a hunger for blood of any race, yet prefer the blood of Man for circumstances yet unknown. When Vradyl have not drank the blood of a creature, they seemingly turn more monstrous than human-looking as seen by scientists experimenting on Vradyl prisoners. Vradyl grow weaker as they hunger more, yet they look more powerful and induce fear into the eyes of any who try and look at them. This is said to have been a trait throughout evolution to help protect weakened Vradyl against much stronger predators.

Observations of various armies of Vradyl have shown that the Vradyl tend to use a rather lesser-looking Vradyl known simply as "Wretches." Wretches are known to come in small force and then ambush entire armies with a surprisingly bigger force that hid from sight.

It is not known what relation and how or why Wretches are used as the front lines for the Vradyl forces, but they are something to be wary of in the battlefield.
The weapons of the Vradyl seem to become stranger through each battlefield and captured Vradyl. The main weaponry seems to be a sort of sword in the form of two helixes that create a large tip at the top of the sword.

Countless reports suggest that the higher-ranked Vradyl appear to have the ability to take out blood from victims through the touch of the hand on the victim's body. Other reports suggest that the Vradyl contain dark magic powers that they use to kill any who dares tread on them, such as darkening entire areas in utter blackness and leaving no prey alive.


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